Welcome to our Blog. You may have noticed, yes, we changed our name, but our technology is still the same.
Formerly Lendified Platform, Judi is committed, as always, to providing FIs with a configurable AI driven loan adjudication platform. Moving forward you can find updates about us here. Our Blog will also feature thought leadership articles around topics relevant to our industry. One of the things that makes us unlike our competitors is the wealth of knowledge we have on our side. Yes, we have analysts, technologists, developers, and data scientists, but we also have bankers with over 100 years combined experience in the financial services sector. You can find out more about Judi’s leaders here.

Recent Posts

November 29, 2018

Loan Adjudication vs. Loan Origination. What’s the difference?

Adjudication vs. origination: what’s the difference? This week we’re going all the way back to the basics. At a high level, origination is gathering information, while […]
November 22, 2018

Find us at VanFUNDING 2018

JUDI.AI CEO, Monique Morden, will take the stage once again, this time alongside industry professionals from Business TV, Grow, Responsive and REITIUM on a panel at […]
November 16, 2018

JUDI.AI CEO, Monique Morden, nominated for 2018 Canadian Innovative Lender of the Year.

We are excited to announce JUDI.AI CEO, Monique Morden, has been nominated for the 2018 Innovative Canadian Lender of the Year Award. This award is presented […]


We’ve put together a few FAQ for anyone wondering why we would change our name.

1Why are you rebranding?
Having a similar name to our sister company is confusing. We want it to be clear that we are a technology company in the adjudication business; not lenders. We will leave that to you. At the core of adjudication is “judi” and we are reinventing how financial institutions adjudicate loans.

2Why are you rebranding NOW?
With a few more conferences coming up before the end of the year we thought now is a good time as any to debut our new name. We are entering new markets at the end of this quarter, so why postpone the inevitable and cause further brand confusion.

3What kind of changes will I see?
Our name, logo and email domains will change. You will also notice some improvements to our website.


Judi was formerly Lendified Platform. The rebrand happened so quickly that all of our recent media interviews are still under Lendified Platform. We’re still the same great company with the same great people.

Our CEO, Monique Morden, talked to CU Broadcast about human-infused AI at Celero this past September. at Celero at the end of September to talk about human-infused AI.

Community Outreach

At Judi, we pride ourselves on being a diverse group of people who love our community. We believe lending a hand initiates positive changes and we are excited to share our next initiatives with you. Check back here to see what we’re up to next.