Published On: October 27, 2021|By |Categories: Reports|

Understanding Small & Medium Sized Businesses in the New Normal

Serving the Evolving Borrowing Needs of SMBs Post-COVID by:

  • Getting in the heads of SMB owners and learning how to address their borrowing needs.
  • Understanding how small businesses have fared since 2019 and how they were affected by the pandemic. Getting a sense of their view of the future and how you can play a role in servicing them.
  • Learning which credit products SMBs are looking for and why. More importantly, understanding what they are looking for in a small business lender.
  • Understanding if SMBs will share bank data and in which circumstances. With ever increasing digital products and services, as well as the looming prospect of open banking, financial institutions must keep up with market needs and expectations.

A report by JUDI.AI and The Futurist Group