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Partnering with a FinTech

Digital transformation has made headline news across many financial publications and the message is always the same: FI’s beware! Embrace digital transformation or risk becoming irrelevant. However, the digital transformation of any financial institution is a BIG job and there are so many FinTechs out there…so where should you begin?

At JUDI.AI we equate your financial institution’s digital transformation to eating an elephant; something that simply cannot be done by one person in one sitting. By partnering with a FinTech that specializes in a specific aspect of your digital transformation, like your lending process, you are able to take a “one bite at a time” approach and provide your members with the digital, frictionless experience they are looking for.

This week, we are reflecting back to the Canadian Credit Union Association’s Lending Conference in Victoria of October 2018. Below is an excerpt from the “Partnering with a Fintech” panel session where Arak Bhokanandh, Director of Member Solutions & Strategic Digital Partnerships at Vancity, speaks about Vancity’s partnership with a FinTech, JUDI.AI, and what prompted them to pick us in the first place. (A reminder that we changed our name shortly after this conference, so when Arak mentions Lendified, he is referring to us, JUDI.AI)

To learn more about Vancity’s experience or to discuss how we can support you through your digital transformation journey, contact us and speak to one of our representatives today!

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