Victor Comas’ strong analytical and data-driven background comes from many years spent researching experimental nuclear physics at world recognized facilities such as GSI in Germany and CERN. The focus of the research was the production of new superheavy elements. Victor holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from Giessen University in Germany. Prior to JUDI.AI, Victor helped start and worked at Zero Gravity Labs, a Research and Development Lab at LoyaltyOne’s Air Miles Program, as a Senior Data Scientist (Team Lead) with the mandate of leveraging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get the company to the next level from Technology and Analytics perspective. The work ranged from Costumer Analytics to Fraud Detection and Recommender Engines.

Victor also joined Outside Intelligence Inc at an early stage, a start-up recently acquired by a New York Company called Exiger. He helped develop the core IP of their product DDIQ, which is an award-winning, market differentiator product that is transforming how financial institutions comply with financial crime regulations worldwide.